For Megapro Tools, “is it retractable” is a question that comes up all the time, because it largely defines our identity. From our very first screwdriver to new and exciting products that are in the works, this question represents our guiding principle and is the very reason we’ve been able to help millions of people enjoy getting the job done for nearly 30 years.


The only answer to is it retractable?” is yes.  

We know retractable is better, and we know that the Megapro retractable cartridge is the best bit storage available. It’s been engineered to be as smooth and easy to open/close as possible. In fact – we did a whole blog on it! All of our core products feature this unique trait; from our Original driver to our Precision driver, you won’t find a driver in our lineup without that signature Megapro snap close.


It matters to you because your time is important and even seconds add up on a jobWe hear often about the time-saving benefits of the retractable cartridge and the Megapro Advantage from trades workers, DIY’ers, and tech enthusiasts alike. Not only does the cartridge give you the most convenient access to the bit you need, without it, we’d all be stuck with the…alternatives. You know what we’re talking about. Those multi-bit screwdrivers from the pre-internet era, with screw-off caps and an assortment of bits inside the handle just waiting to get dropped and then subsequently lost? Or the other “modern” design multi-bit screwdrivers with a few extra bits tightly jammed into built-in holes in the handle (and are never a pain to remove…crosses fingers). Let’s not forget the fancy expensive knockoffs with fragile clips that can’t hold a bit after a few uses because the plastic has snapped 

A Megapro has what you need in one convenient driver that you can keep on your belt, in your car, or in your toolbox. There is one more option – you could choose to lug an entire screwdriver set everywhere you go in case you might need one of the tips (Oh by the way, the Bronze Age called, they want their screwdriver satchel back) 

We just really wish there was a better word to describe it.



While not the prettiest word, and not the snappiest, retractable is the best word in the English Language that describes our most popular feature, so it stays...that is unless the Urban Dictionary gives us a ‘hip’ new alternative someday.

We’ve spent 30 years getting to know this product and the value of it being retractable, so we have come to really embrace it as a core aspect of our identity.  So much so that we want to explore with you what else in this world is retractable? What else in this world can possibly pop out and pop back in with such amazing comfort and convenience? And lastly, what are some things that you just can't take back, or in other words, retract?


If convenience, organization, and timesaving sounds like something you’re into, you’re ready to get retractable. Get your own Megapro to see what it’s all about.