Megapro Custom Imprinting Promotional Screwdrivers


Promotional Screwdrivers

Align Your Brand with the Quality of Megapro

Are you looking for the perfect gift or promotional item for your staff, clients, and/or prospects? Why not give them the gift of Megapro? The Megapro Tools brand represents premium quality and will show recipients that you do too.  We offer co-branded and individual branded options and can customize based on your needs. Customization options include: handle colour, cap colour, imprint colour, and bitload.

Available Colours

Pantone 2146 C Blue
Pantone 109 C Yellow
Pantone 11-4601 TCX Bit of Blue White
Pantone 3 C Black
Pantone 186 C Red
Pantone 165 C Neon Orange
Pantone 802 C Neon Green
Pantone 11 C Gray

Available Bits

Pick your bit load based on an existing Megapro Tools driver, or review the Master List of all available bits to customize your own.

Promotional Imprinting Inquiry

  • Minimum Order Quantity of 100 per driver type.

  • Custom Configuration

Free Shipping

Free Canada-wide shipping on orders over $50 pre-tax.

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