We are happy to have been able to host another Intern with us this year! Larissa gives us an insight into her experiences with us in Langley, Canada.

Hi everyone,

My name is Larissa and from August till the end of September I got the opportunity to be part of company development at Megapro. I really have to say; THIS was the best internship I have ever experienced!

Right on the first day, everybody was super welcoming also truly cared about me learning about the company in interesting ways. I got to see the cool products and was given product training right away. That made it much easier to get what everybody was talking about and helped me with completing tasks.

What I enjoyed the most was that Alicia (President) and Jack (Marketing Manager) were always connecting the dots for me between my knowledge from university and real life. I got to see and evaluate results of Megapro as an operating company. I appreciate how open everyone was with me and involving me in planning processes and projects so that I was able to get an in-depth experience.

Some projects I worked on included making videos and ads for an upcoming tradeshow and social media. I was a fan of the retractable cartridge right from the beginning since it organizes everything nicely, and it was  interesting to learn about other features like the EZ Guide Collar™ and the Palm-Saver Cap™. I learned so much about detailed and effective ways to work with Megapro tools. I never knew how much of a difference it makes when you apply more pressure on the back of a driver for more torque… that Palm-Saver Cap™ really saves your hands when doing this!

Screenshot 2023-05-29 084937-1We even tested the Ultra-Strong Triax™ Handle on one of the Originals by driving over it with a truck. You can find those amazing features in nearly all products. Next to its practicability my favorite product by far is the Original Ratcheting 13-in-1 Screwdriver, because of its soothing and smooth sound! You should go check that out yourself! 

I organized materials we needed for many projects and got to learn how to create campaigns and how many design tips. I was working on Megapro’s website to make blog posts and many more. Helping with the launch of the LTT driver and seeing the results was stunning as well! It was really neat seeing Project Farm test all the ratcheting drivers, including the LTT driver and the Megapro Ratcheting driver in different ways!

The people at Megapro feel like one family. You can count on each other when you need to get the job done and find helpful and well-trained staff. To me it felt like everybody learns from each other and never has to be reserved when there are times somebody doesn’t know everything. The open communication is what keeps everybody on board. With meetings like the weekly huddle, it was easy to see what everybody was up to and to keep track. Also, the successes of others can be celebrated together. There is so much positivity and kindness! That starts the first second you enter the building with everybody always greeting everyone in the building before getting settled, having a little chat and started the day with a smile.

Lastly, I of course must mention that BC is just a wonderful location and Megapro chose a nice province to have its headquarters in. It is amazing to have the ocean, forests and mountains combined in just one area. I liked it here a lot and will stay a huge fan of Canada, BC and of course Megapro!


All the best / Beste Grüße