We know our Megapro Ratcheting driver can stand up to any competitor out there. To back that statement up, we'd like to highlight how well our Ratcheting driver performed in a test video YouTube creators Project Farm recently made. In the video they compare 14 different brands of multi-bit ratcheting screwdrivers by putting them through a variety of tests.

SPOILER ALERT: Megapro crushed it! 


We're giving you the breakdown of the video because we're pals and care about making your life easier! So sit back and let us show you how our Megapro Ratcheting Driver mopped up the competition!


Arc Swing

ARC SWING TEST -  The first test of the video measured the number of turns needed to fully rotate the dial 360 degrees. The Megapro Ratcheting driver placed 2nd in this test, only slightly behind the LTT Ratcheting driver (a design we’re familiar with 😉) Fewer turns in use means you secure the screw faster, which equals less hand strain!

Back Drag

BACK DRAG TEST -  The back drag test measured how much force is needed to engage the next ratcheting tooth. The Megapro Ratcheting driver had the 3rd lowest back drag, meaning it was the 3rd quickest to engage the next tooth. Low back drag saves you time and effort because the ratchet mechanism is doing more work.

Shaft Wobble

SHAFT WOBBLE TEST -  This test measured the amount of movement the driver shaft has, independent of the driver handle. The Megapro Ratcheting driver tied for 1st in this test (Can't say we're too surprised!) The build quality of our driver shaft means greater alignment, allowing you to be more precise with the driver when fastening a screw.

Bit Tip Failure

BIT TIP FAILURE TEST -  This test measured the strength of the driver bits. The Megapro Ratcheting driver placed 3rd in this test. Our specially modified S2 steel bits were able to reach 130 inch/lbs before camming out. The more durable the bit the more force you can apply when fastening a screw.

As far as the rest of the tests go, the Megapro Ratcheting driver was the lightest tool without bits and the 4th lightest with bits (but that's no surprise considering our bits are industrial grade and need to be a bit more heavy-duty as a result)

The magnetic hold and bit locking retention tests weren't our strongest results, but that's because we have other screwdrivers with those dedicated features already :) 


Our Ratcheting Screwdriver is among the best multi-bit ratcheting screwdrivers available. It finished 3rd in overall scoring and outperformed nearly every other driver in the video. It's also worth noting the driver that finished first is more than double the price of our Ratcheting Driver (ouch! #payingforbrandname)

The performance of our Ratcheting Screwdriver in this test video is a perfect reflection of our company philosophy: If it isn’t a high-quality product that helps you get the job done faster and easier, it isn’t a Megapro! This is a philosophy that has earned us some high praise over the years, including the Wirecutter pick for top multi-bit screwdriver.  


How and where you spend your money is getting more and more important, so when deciding which ratcheting driver you’d like to buy, look no further than the brand who set out to make one you’d proudly carry in your toolbelt everyday.  
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Also, don't forget to check out the full Project Farm video below:


Written by: Patrick Cresswell

Patrick has a unique knowledge of Megapro products, having worked for the company for 5 years followed by using the screwdriver for the next 5 years as an appliance installer. He regularly continues to use Megapro Screwdrivers as a DIY enthusiast and is constantly forced to hide them from thieving houseguests.